Zurich Switzerland January 2017

In a few days I will start my second long distance walk towards Scotland. This walk will take me at least half a year. Sorry about my very limited english. But there is only one person in Switzerland who will read this and the other two people are British. Like this everybody understands at least a little bit of my writing. Sometimes even I don’t understand what I am talking about. I still have no idea why people keep asking me to write a blog. Last year when I walked to Scotland via Paris- Saint Malo- Land’s End- John o’Groats I always said that I think that it is not so interesting to read about my walking because it is mainly just walking and doing nothing else. There is even not much of thinking either. I do it more in a Forest Gump style. Walking for no particular reason. I don’t even walk for charity. But people still ask me to write a blog. So this time I surrender and I will write about my doing nothing but walking. Probably it will help the 3 readers to fall asleep faster by reading it.

In my eyes the only thing of interest is the time in between the two long distance walks to Scotland. That is when a big earthquake happened in my life. When I finished my walk in John o’Groats in July 2016 I made a big mistake. Instead of staying a few days longer, I rushed home because I have already booked my flight a long time ago. When I sat in the aircraft with an incredible fast speed, I looked out the window and I couldn’t believe that I have actualy walked all that distance. It took me 6 month to walk and 6 houres to return home. That was too much for me. After such a long time of walk, eat, sleep, the Zurich City life was too fast, too loud and too crowded.

After half a year of sleeping every day in a different place but always exactly knowing where I was when I woke up in the middle od the night, I suddenly have completely lost myself. Every time I woke up in my own bed, I had no idea where I was. It was a never ending nightmare. So I started to do some great walks in the Swiss Alps. Mainly in the area of Gotthard but also around the Eiger Northface. They even turned out to be the best walks of my life. Lots of them I made during the night. Nightwalks are a big passion of mine as well as long distance walks. Everthing was fine when I was walking but as soon as I went back home, my home did not feel like my home anymore. It was then when I realised, that home is not a place, it is a state of being. I felt only home when I was walking. So I decided to start another long distance walk. This time with an open end.

About twelve years ago I started with my first long distance walk from Zurich to Gotthard. It was a distance of 80 miles. It took me 6 days to get there. I thought that was a real big thing. It was also around that time when I discovered the joy of night walks. When I look back I have to smile. The walking distances rised since then but I still do my night walks and every time when the night starts to fade away I walk through the dawn into the rising sun. Everybody who ever did this as well, knows what I am talking about. Things simply can not get better then this.

When I get asked why Scotland, my answer is: Go to Scotland and you will understand. Sitting alone on Ben Nevis when the darkness of the night turns into the silver of a new Scotish morning is one of the best things you possibly can do.

But you also have to be aware that such long distance walks will change your life dramaticly. Not only for you but also for family and friends. Sometimes when I don’t see people for a longer periode and everything is nice quiet around me, it feels like I slowly turn into a wolf. And for me it is so much easier to turn into a wolf then to turn back into a human being again.

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