15. January 2017 Zurich- Dielsdorf

The Swiss Alpine Snail has started. I am the slowest walker on earth. Actualy my walking speed is not slow at all. But on the way I always see so many interesting things. I have to stop and to look at the beauty around me all the time.

Today there was not much of beauty to see exept when I reached the Quaibrücke before dawn at 6 am, a very touristic place in Zurich. I agree with the tourists. It is not possible to stand on that bridge without taking any photographs. Today is Sunday and at 6 am there are no tourists at all and the bridge is quiet. I left the city with a very high speed through the famos Niederdorf where the last night creatures crawled out of the closing pubs. To walk in Zurich in the dark hours before the sun rises has its own beauty. The cleaning teams are very busy with trying to make the place look nice again. There are incredible amounts of rubbish they have to take away every morning. Everybody thinks Switzerland is a clean country. It isn’t. You can see that when you walk through the town between midnight and 7 am. Then this beautiful city is nothing but a dirty old town. But it is MY dirty old town. I love her.

Soon I reached the suburbs towards Dielsdorf. There I saw a faszinating thing. On top of an ugly grey building two flags were dancing with eachother. It was an Italian and a Swiss flag. They hang at the same pole in the same hight. A sleight breeze was making them dancing parallel to eachother. It looked like a perfect tango dance. I just stood there and smiled.
It is a matter of fact that when you walk along A roads, you are always confronted with death. So many animals cross the streets and because they can not see the speed of vehicules they get run over. This afternoon a beautiful fox lied beside the road. He looked nice with his red fur and the ice cristals around his nose. Very very beautiful but unfortunately very dead as well.

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