19. January 2017 Baerental- Kirchzarten

Baerental has an altitude of 3600 feet. From now on I will not walk on such a high altitude anymore until I reach the Munros in Scotland. Munros are mountains with an altitude of at least 3000 feet.

Today was onother day with no other human footprints. Though I have been following mine for a longer distance. After leaving Baerental and walking several hours through deep snow I was happy to reach the bottom of Hoellental (Helldale). Sometimes I ask myself where all these names for landscapes come from. Helldale was a very lovely valley with a little creek that leads directly to Kirchzarten within a very short time. But only in theory.

Suddenly there was a sign that told me to make a detour because there was no possibility to pass the steep rocks on the lefthand side of the creek. On the righthand side was no inch to walk either because of the very busy A road. I am used to walk along A roads. But this one realy scared me. So I had to take the detour. And suddenly I understood where the name  helldale came from. If you follow the road you will reach hell faster then you thought you would and when you make the detour you have to climb up about 1000 feet again to where you just came from. And it was then when I thought: „What the hell…!“

So I climed up again through deep snow by following my own footprints. In this very moment I felt like somebody would have told me: “ You want to go to Scotland? There is no ferry that you can take from France. But you can make a little detour through Scandinavia and catch a ferry from Sweden.“

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