21. January 2017 Freiburg im Breisgau- Endingen

In the morning I have passed the sleeping place of the outdoor sleeper again. He was already awake and we have changed a few words. When I told him that I was going to Endingen today he said this would not be such a good idea because there was somebody killed who jogged in the hills 2 weeks ago. I remembered to have read this in the newspaper as well. But I had to pass Endingen, otherwise it would have been an endless detour again. I insisted that I had to walk through that area. Then the man offered me very spontanious to acompany me until there. So he did. It was a very nice walk with lots of talking. The day passed very quickly. In the evening he went back to Freiburg. So I had my personal guardian angel that day. Experiences like these are like gem stones in life.

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