22. January 2017 Endingen- Marckolsheim (France)

When I passed the trainstation in Endingen, I saw a big sign in front of a little cafe. It said that they sell Scottish breakfast in there. Of course I entered imediately and ordered it. The waitress brought mea cup of tea, a slice of white bread and some strawberry jam. I was a bit confused and asked her why they call this a Scottish breakfast. Now it was her who was confused. She said: „Because it is the cheapest breakfast we have. Don’t you know, that Scottish people don’t like to spend money?“ I was laughing. „No I indeed did not know this. I have been to Scotland several times and I have never noticed such a thing. And they definitely wouldn’t ever serve you a tiny breakfast like this.“

Anyway, after the smallest and cheapest Scottish breakfast ever, I headed towards France. As soon as I crossed the river Rhein and the border to France, the rubbish on the street changed slightly. I saw much more empty cigarette boxes and less energydrinks, but much more beer cans as well, and music CDs.

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