24. January 2017 Selestat- Saales

It was a hard day. The road has rised steadily about 1000 feet. No piece of cake with the carrix behind me. My mood was not the best. At least I had to smile every now and then when I saw the village signs. Here in the Alsace they always have a French and a German name on them. And the translations into the other language sometimes proofe a great sence of humor. For example the German Name for the village called „Maisonsgoutte“ they turned into „Meisengott“ because it sounds very similar. But it means two compleatly different things.

When I reached the top of the pass I thought my body would fall apart. Everything hurted. Somehow I hobbled the last few miles to my hotel. Imediatly I went to the restaurant. An elderly man sat at the table in front of me. He smiled at me all the time. After I had eaten my dinner he came over and we had a very interesting and very short conversation.
„Are you a walker?“
„Are you walking with a husband?“
„You can stay with me if you like to. I have no wife!“
„Oh, that is very kind of you, but thank you, no!“
„No? Ok! But you should have a dog to guard you.“
„What a wonderful idea, I will think about it!“
„Au revoir madam!“
„Au revoir monsieur!“
He left with a smile on his face.
I stayed with a smile on my face.

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