25. January 2017 Saales- Raon l’Etape

What a could day it was. Below 12 degrees celsius. I am still in the hills of Vosges. Somebody told me yesterday that I have to be very careful. People always underestimate the temperatures in the Vosges. It often happens that somebody has to be rescued. After two hours of walking to a pass, I suddenly started to freeze. The altitude was only 2300 feet but even two pairs of gloves were not enough. I couldn’t move my fingers anymore. It was simply not possible to go to the toilet. My fingers were not able to open a button nor a zipper. They started to turn white. I was very delighted when I passed a restaurant around lunchtime.

When I entered, I said „Bonjour“ to the owner. He didn’t even notice me. There was a deadly silence in that room. After several minutes of ignoring me, the owner looked up, still saying nothing at all. But he had question marks in his eyes. I hoped this meant he was ready to take the order. I asked him if I could have something to eat. „Don’t know!“ he said. Now it was my turn to have question marks in my eyes. We looked at eachother. After an endless time ha asked: „What?“ I was not quite sure but I hoped this meant „What wuold you like to have?“. So I carefully started to find out what he was willing to serve me. „Uhm, I am very hungry, but I don’t want to cause you any trouble, maybe some bread and…….“ and off he was. After a minute he came back with a slice of bread.

I mean, it could have been worse than this. He could have brought me only half a slice. So I was very lucky. And beside that, I still had numb fingers. I probably couldn’t have handled any other food. I left the place with a friendly „Au revoir et merci beaucoups“. Silence again. I looked at the outside of the building just to make sure, there was no misunderstanding from my side. Maybe I have entered a privat place without knowing it. But no, there was no mistake, the sign said Restaurant. At least I could move my fingers again.

Just in case the Coen Brothers run out of ideas for their films, they could easily get some inputs here.

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