26. January 2017 Raon l‘ Etape- Chenevieres

I started just before the crack of the dawn. Just the way I like it most. And the sun gave her very best to be there at time to enter the stage. What a spectacular sunrise this was. I have never seen such a huge orange ball above the horizon. Must have been because of the cold and a slight mist. I couldn’t get the grinning out of my face. I only wish a sunrise would last longer than it actualy does.

Lots of people in France have guard dogs in their gardens. The dogs seam not to like me at all. When I appear the whole village notices that because behind every second fence there is a dog barking like mad and trying to jump over the fence and having me for lunch.

What a surprise it was, when I passed a garden and two sheep ran towards the fence, baaaaing at me like crazy. I never heard of guard sheeps. They even seemed not wanting to kill me. But I might be wrong!

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