27. January 2017 Chenevieres- Nancy

What a great day that was. I finaly found my walking routine. At 6 am, at the crack of the dawn again I left. One hour later I walked into a beautiful sunrise. Like yesterday, I stood there and almost couldn’t believe it. There was this amazing orange color that keeps on faszinating me whenever I have the chance to see it. But this particular sunrise was somehow different. As soon as the sun stood fully above the horizon, I felt that feeling of being alive that I have missed for a long time. All of a sudden there was a song in my head that I haven’t heard for a long long time. „I’ll put you together again“ from Hot Chocolate. And I kept singing it again and again. It felt very good.

At the same time I started to talk to animals and plants. No big sermons, I just say hello to them and let them know how beautiful they are. This is a very good sign indeed. So things definitly start to improve. I was in such a good mood, I simply couldn’t stop walking and I did 10 extra miles. I never walked such a long distance on one day in my whole life. In the end it was 30 miles in 9 hours. When I arived in Nancy I felt totaly refreshed.

In the center of Nancy I almost got run over by a car. It came out of a backyard, completely silent, no engin running and it drove towards the main road and mainly towards me who walked on the sidewalk. I managed to jump away in the very last second. Then the car stoped and stayed exactly there where I was two seconds ago. Several people have seen that and we all were completly speechless. Nobody could believe that there was no one driving the car. It was not even coming downhill which would have explained the whole thing.

Nobody can ever tell me again, walking on A roads is dangerous. No, no! From now on I will stay away from sidewalks.

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