28. January 2017 Nancy- Pont a Mousson

I must confess, yesterday I probably have walked a bit too much. I was a lot slower today. But I was in a very good mood. On an A road again for 6 hours. The road looked almost the whole 20 miles just about the same. No wonder I had the „Talking Heads“ running around my brain, singing „Road to nowhere“. They had this brilliant video, where the singer kept running. Long time ago that was.

I saw some beautiful factories as well. No idea what they produced but if I was a computer game designer, I would get my inspirations from here. Huge, faszinating and full of details and colors they were. Masterpieces of design.

Everything was fine until a Rottweiler dog ran all of a sudden, barking and growling towards me because there was no fence. I instinctively turned towards him. He did not expect that, so he kept a distance of two feet. Not a lot but better than being between his teeth. I slowly walked backwards until I was far enough away from his yard he was guarding. Why do dog owners do this? I was not on a privat ground. And the owners didn’t even show up to call back the dog. I do love animals but szenes like these can make you to a dog hater. A few hundred yards further, there was a property with 9 barking dogs. At least they were behind a fence.

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