29. January 2017 Pont a Mousson

Today is a special day. I took it off. Almost. I can not not walk at all. But today I only made a short stroll of 6 miles around Pont a Mousson. The rest of the day I stayed in my absolut favorit french hotel. Normaly I don’t check in in hotels belonging to a chain. I prefere the independent ones. But with the Kyriad Enzo Design I make an exeption.

Normaly hotel rooms are designed by women. Probably do male owners always think their wifes are better in making a place cosy. That causes desasters like rooms in pink, with laces, wooden hearts hanging at walls or even worse, plastik flowers for decoration. Almost every piece of decoration is too much in a hotel room and makes the place look small and too personal. One picture on the wall is more than enough. Most of the clients are male. I can always see that in the morning when all the business men are sitting in the breakfast room. Mostly I am the only female solo traveler. Means rooms should be designed by men for men. Or at least neutral.

The Kyriad Enzo Design Hotels ars different. The buildings are painted in ferrari red. The lobby is full with formula one stuff including an original F1 racing car. And the pictures in the rooms show cars as well. I realy like that. I am not into formula one at all but I like the design. If I had a hotel, I would decorate the rooms with pictures of sunrises, alps, snails, runners, bikers, yellow bulldozers (yes, I like them), tools, just anything but pink roses, red poppies and hearts in no matter what color.

Last year when I walked from Zurich to John o’Groats, I spent 180 nights in different places. I am an expert now in room design. One of the most interesting decorations ever, I had around Valentins day, in France. The whole hotel was still full of christmas stuff. Big red and silver christmas balls, santas and angel figurines and all that kind of things and inbetween they put red plastik hearts with „Happy Valentin“ written on them.

Valentins day is a very strange thing anyway. Happy couples should celebrate that day as much as possible during the whole year. Oh yes!

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