30. January 2017 Pont a Mousson- Woel

Today started yesterday.

I went to bed at 7 pm. I was very happy to be in my Ferrari Hotel and things generally couldn’t have been better. As I said, that was at seven. At about half past ten in my dream all hell broke loose. I dreamed of a chinese invasion. They all came in Formula one cars and they had hammers to knock everything down that was on the left or the right. Awfull. I simply couldn’t stop this dream. Even when I woke up I still heard chinese voices and hammers knocking at my door.

Then I realised that this was no dream. It WAS a chinese invasion. Two busses with tourists arrived at the hotel. The sportscar noises came from there suitcases rolling on the floor, and the hammers were fingers that kept knocking at my door. I have no idea why they knocked all the time. I wrapped the sheet around me and opened the door. A chinese lady stood there and she looked at my outfit and then in my face as she would have seen a ghost. I must confess, I didn’t smile at her, I didn’t even try to be friendly. I only asked „WHAT?“ She disappeard very quickly. But only a minute later the next person knocked. I was not in the mood to say a personal hello to every groop member. All I wanted was to sleep.

The knocking went on for about half an hour and after that it was very quiet in the hotel and I was knocked out. I couldn’t find any sleep for the rest of the night. So I kept gazeing at the ceiling and the walls and I was very happy that I didn’t have to gaze at wooden hearts and dusty plastik flowers.

I was very tired when I started walking. It took me 9 hours to get to Woel. The temperature rised from minus 12 to plus 8 during the last two days. It was raining the whole day. The area between Pont a Mousson and Verdun is historicaly very interesting. So many battles have been fought here. It was also for the first time that I have seen an American Cemetary. I have seen them on TV before but seeing one live is a total different story. I was very impressed. I spoke to a guard man who did a great job by looking very carefully that nobody was entering the place with a respectless behavior. In times like these protection of such places is necessary, unfortunatly.

The B and B in Woel is a big surprise. I have a huge room with a big bathroom in an old historical building. The only time when I have seen something similar was in Scotland in Culgower. When I entered the room I was speechless. When I heard what the price was, I stayed speechless. I am not quite sure now, but it could be that I actualy have bought that place. In that case the price is fair. I have to ask in the morning.

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