1. February 2017 Verdun- Dun sur Meuse

Early in the morning I went to a pub at the trainstation that was already open. It was the kind of pubs you can see in the old Western Films. The men visiting it are like cowboys. They come on their horses, maybe is it more a deux chevaux or a ford mustang or something similar nowadays, and they enter the pub with a cigarette between the lips. Of course they don’t talk, the barman knows exactly what they want. Then they hang around until the train comes in at high noon. A great place.

If only there was not the absolute awful decoration. Here we are again. The whole place was decorated with plastik flowers, angel figurines and pictures of purple flowers. There was even a shelf with jewellery for sale. I asked the barman if he has a lot of female customers. No, he said, only a few. „Why is it decorated so feminin then?“ I asked. He said, his boss lets a good female friend of his make the decorations. I just knew it.

At least the barman had a nice collection of drinks. But when I had a closer look, I saw angels hanging between the bottles. I was very close to ring up Frederick and Nicolas to change this place into a real Highnoon Trainstation saloon again. They would have kicked out almost everything exept the barman, the cowboys and the bottles. They would have given this place its dignity back.

The rest of the day I walked along the Meuse Canal. The whole area here is a big former battlefield. Lots of cemeteries and war monuments I have seen on the way. It reminded me a bit of Culloden, another very impressiv, though a much smaller battlefield in Scotland. Scotland is still very far away but for almost the whole day I had the Loch Lomond song, in the version of the Corries in my mind. A sad but beautiful song about two soldier friends who fought for legendary Prince Charlie a few hundred years ago.

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