2. February 2017 Dun sur Meuse- Buzancy

What an awful day. Only 14 miles to walk and I thought I’ll have to die. The carrix was extremly heavy today and in an awful disbalance. It kept on falling to one side all the time. The only thought I had today was how I can get rid of some weight. When I have the carrix attached I only can walk about 13 miles without a feeling of a falling apart of the body. Without it I am much faster and I can walk longer distancies. I have not used my sleeping bag yet and I think I am not going to use it during February. So why not drop the outdoor things. Maybe I can take them with me again in March.

I can not see the point of carrying so much stuff with me that I am not using. And beside that, with so much weight there is as well a lot of pressure on my shoulders and my hips. I have blue dots all over and I normaly am not the masochistic type of human being. After several hours of puting up the carrix again after it fell, it got more and more stressful and as well painful. By the time I reached Buzancy I was obsessed with the thought of dropping off some weight and I would have done almost everything to make this obsession come true.

And the miracle happened. There was a supermarket with cardboard boxes and with a postoffice inside. After that I carried 6 kilos less. And the day suddenly turned to be not so bad at all.

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