31. January 2017 Woel- Verdun

I did not buy the hotel. But after last night I have to say it was worth every penny. I have a new favorit french place now. It is a masterpiece of architecture, design and decoration. Frederick and Nicolas are hosting their guests with a big passion and they realy know how to turn an average house into a diamond. They bought the „Les trois officier“ when it was not much more then a ruin and they renovated it over several years.

In the morning they served me a rich breakfast in a big dining room and in front of me there was a fireplace with a cosy fire. I had so much breakfast, I sat there like a stuffed turkey afterwards. I was just about thinking of staying for a long long time.

As the name of the place says, it was an officers house during the first world war. So the owners have decorated it with historical items and lots of hunters relicts. Absolutly great. And the barn beside the house is now the garage. It has about the same size as the house. Huge as everything here. But there is no usual garage stuff in it at all. Only the cars and nothing else. Beautyful. And as a highlight they even offered me to transport my bags to my hotel in Verdun. Beyond words that is.

I also have to mention that they served me a real big pot of tea for breakfast and I should know it by now, big inputs make big outputs. So my main problem for the next three hours was finding a place to hide. The landscape was extremly flat, no bushes beside the road, only miles and miles of free vision to the horizon. And I am wearing a bright yellow savety west and trousers. The good thing is, everybody can see me like this on the streets. The bad thing is, everybody can see me even at the horizon. I felt like a dog in the desert, desperatly seeking a tree. When will I ever learn!?

If somebody would design a foldable light weight bush that fits in a rucksack, I would be the first customer to buy it.

The rubbish beside the road was quite interesting as well. If I had no clothes I easily would have found a whole outfit today. Including one pair of shoes. Shoes normaly don’t come in pairs. There was also a nice collection of brand new erotical underwear. Who ever has lost it, I hope she still succeeded even though she didn’t have her tools anymore.

Without my Carrix I was in Verdun after only seven hours.

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