3. February 2017 Buzancy- Le Chesne

In the morning when I wake up I always watch M6 on french Tv. It is a music chanel. As soon as they play the song French Kiss by Black M, and they always play it, I get up. I love that video clip with those dancing kids. It automaticly gives me a good mood and I am ready for the day. Today was the first light travelling day.

And it was a very good day indeed. Sometimes I had to check if my carrix is still behind me, I almost didn’t feel the weight of it. At noon I passed a little village called Brieulles sur Bar. It is in the middle of nowhere. A nice little average village like all the others I have passed, I thought. But that was before I entered a little cafe. It was very surprising that there was a place like that at all in this tiny village. But I always like to be surprised.

I opened the door of the so called cafe and I found myself in the most authentic pub ever. It looked like nobody has changed the furnitures and the decorations in the last 100 years or so. An absolutly wonderful place with the most French looking owner I possibly could immagine. I couldn’t get the smile out of my face. It was like I sat in a film set. Unfortunatly I had to walk on. I carried the smile with me.

Today the rubbish beside the street was slightly different as well. For example there was a fishermans net. It was not a better rubbish as any other of course but it looked extremely nice and it definitly was far away from home. How did it come here? It must have been travelling at least 200 miles. There is no sea around here. The fishermans net maybe thought as well when it saw me „Where does this alpine snail come from, must be a long way from home.“

Usually I see lots of empty softdrink cans. Somtimes more than 50 within 100 yards, but today there were more glass bottles and tinboxes. Surprise after surprise today.

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