4. February 2017 Le Chesne- Launois sur Vence

My todays breakfast was very special. But in a good way. There was no self service like almost at every other place.They served me a cup of tea, a whole bread and a bowl of jam. It was like if you would order a steak and they bring you the whole cow on a plate. I had to smile.

Rainy days are not bad at all. They always pass very quickly. I call them inside days. I never look right nor left, I keep my head down and walk on. So all my concentration is focused to inside. Means I do a little bit of thinking about me and other similar things which are not worth to think about either. I have no problem to walk for six or seven hours without a stop and without food. The only thing that bothers me is that my whole so called waterproof clothes and shoes are soaked after 3 hours. And today it was cold as well. A wet and cold body is not a good thing at all. Then I always get a bit grumpy.

Today when I reached my destination, all I wanted was taking everything off and put on dry clothes and my house shoes. When I entered the hotel, they asked me if I want to have some food in the restaurant, because the kitchen would be closed in half an hour. So I ordered and said I was going to come back in five minutes after I have changed my outfit.

Then I rushed into my room and took everything off, only to find out, there was no such a thing like a dry piece of anything. Some how the rain found its way into my bag that is tied on my carrix. The hardest part of it is, when you have to put back on again your soaked wet and cold clothes, socks and shoes.

At least I had some nice food in a great restaurant with friendly staff. I sat there wet and cold but t I tried to enjoy it. I think the shower I had afterwards was the warmest, nicest shower ever. After that life was ok again. I turned on the tv and they played French Kiss. Now life was not only ok, it was definitly good again.

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