6. February 2017 Signy l’Abbey- Brunehamel

Crows are amazing animals and absolutely beautyful. They often are around sheep because the seek for wool for their nests. The very brave ones pick it directly from the sheep. I saw that many times in different countries. Very faszinating. French crows are slightly different to Swiss crows. They look a bit different and they definitly talk different, with a softer and higher voice. They realy talk with a beautiful French aczent.

Today I passed about 30 gardens with guard dogs behind the fences. They didn’t talk with a nice aczent at all. Everyone of them let me know what he would do with me if only the fence was not there. Exept one rather old dog who wagged his tail and howled after I passed. It sounded like: „No, please don’t go! I am the one in a million guard dog that would like to be cuddled.“

Sometimes signs make me smile. On one stood: Logny- Bogny. No idea how this is pronounced or what it means, but only the look of it makes you want to dance.

There was also some rather unusual rubbish within about 100 yards. A pair of expensive glasses, the type of glasses that leaves you blind if you don’t have them. And there was a mobilephone. A tiny type of phone that you impossibly can handle without a good pair of glasses. Either you keep both or you throw both away. Not having glasses and a mobilephone gives you a compleatly new sight of things. I bet the former owner is quite happy now, and free.

It is very special to cross a trainline. When I stand in the middle of them I always thing that it would be so easy to catch a train here. I could be in Calais in no time at all. So far I could resist.

I also passed a shop that was specialised in funeral services. I always thought it is a business that doesn’t run out of customers. But this one was shut for good. It looks like dying people are dying out here.

The only talking I did today was with a farmer. He passed me with a very old and very nice looking red traktor. I stood still and could not help to gaze at that special vehicle. The farmer noticed it and stoped. He said very proudly: „She is a beauty isn’t she?“ I smiled and confirmed: „Oh yes Sir, she is gorgeous.“ He told me that hes father bought this traktor in 1954. It looked very well maintained as well. I am sure it will be handed over to the next few generations. And in that rare case there will ever be a point zero of the atoms which is about arond beow 270 degrees celsius, this traktor will still be running. The whole world would stand still but not this tractor.

It was a day full of impressions, I am very tired and I almost don’t notice the purple flowered wallpapers. But only almost.

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