7. February 2017 Brunehamel- Etreaupont

Rituals are very important they say. I have mentioned before, that every morning I am looking forward to hear French Kiss. Today they didn’t play it. That was a hard start into the day. When I got up I looked out the window. It was raining. I appologized to my feet, that they will be wet today after 2 hours of walking for about 5 more hours. They answerd me: „Woman you are going to regrett this. Don’t treat us like this! “ I sighed because I knew they were right. But what can I do? When I started 3 weeks ago it was snowing and I had to wear snow boots. In Calais I will have a new pair of good walking boots. I already sent them there. The thing is, I don’t need any particular products, like a specific brand of clothes, sope or whatever but when it comes to walking boots, it has to be a Hanwag Tingri. The soft Yak leather version. My feet accept no other walking boots. I tried it several times. The result was always blisters and inflammations at the achilles tendon and at the rest of the foot as well. As soon as the company will stop to produce these boots, I will have a problem. Then I will have to walk barefeet.

When I steped out the door after breakfast, it immediately stoped raining and it stayed dry for the next 7 hours. Magic! I followed small roads that are only used by farmers. Means no rubbish beside the streets. That is good, but it is boring as well. At least I saw some tires along the way. Retired tires.

Road signs can be funny. Especialy in combinations of three. A cow, a „50“ and a snakeline I saw. I was very carefully looking for 50 drunken cows walking in snakelines, and I was very disappointed not having seen them.

But soon after those signs a farmer saw me passing by. It is not very often that he sees a person walking by in front of his farm. He rushed out of the house and wanted to know where I come from. When I said Switzerland he went: „Oh Stockholm!“ and he asked me if I wanted to see his barn with the cavalery and some other animals. I had no opportunity, he didn’t wait for my answer. He grabed my arm and almost ran towards the barn pulling me behind him.

When we entered that huge barn of his, I was completely speechless. There realy was a cavalery, 3 horses, 5 donkys and beside that a peecock, several geese, lots of chicken and a cat that sat in the middle of all the chicken. And the whole barn was clean and the ground was full of hay, all over. It was like Old Mac Donalds Farm. I couldn’t believe it. He said he was going to be 80 years old in two weeks and he has these animals just for pleasure. Then he invited me to his house where hes wife was preparing lunch, a dove. We sat in their very cosy kitchen and talked for half an hour. That was something. To be invited to somebodys house. Such things don’t happen very often.

And as I entered my acomodation, Le Clos de Montvinage, I was speechless once more. Lots of pink, purple and plasticflowers, but the whole house was decorated by a woman with an excellent taste. She understood how to use these colors and materials without creating a disaster. It was designed to please men and women. There were as well lots of exquisite paintings, antique weapons and hunting items. No hearts at all. Chapeau!

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