8. February 2017 Etreaupont- Le Nouvion en Thierache

To start with the end first, I am heart broken!

After staying at some real nice places, I am in a hotel that does not have any non smokers rooms. It stinks so terribly, it burnes in my eyes. And I am a person with a very sensitive nose. I smell things, that normaly only a dog can smell. I have asked the lady at the reception if I can have another room. She said there is no other room left. Now I am in that room with a wide open window at an outside temperature of 3 degrees. There are two dogs in nearby gardens and they bark at everything that moves. Means every few seconds. Now I am desperatly waiting for tomorrow morning so I can leave.

But this is not the story I wanted to tell. The reason why my heart is broken is a different one. Those who ever met someone and knew that they had found the love of their life, only to be left behind after a short while, those will understand my suffer.

When I left in the morning, it looked like it would be a quiet day on side roads. No people, no houses, no rubbish. Only miles and miles of farmland. After an hour of walking and only hearing my own steps on the tarmac, I realised there was an other sound of footsteps very close behind me. I turned around to see who it was and my heart almost stood still. I looked in a pair of beautiful bright eyes. They belonged to a wolve. Maybe everybodyelse would have called him a most common dog, but in my eyes he was a beautyful wolve.

Hes fur was a wild mixture of grey and black and he stood there and waited for me to do something. I was so surprised, that I only could tell him how beautiful he was. Not realy a clever first sentence on a first date. Anyway, my statement seemed to be not so wrong, he came closer and licked my hand. No, sorry, he kissed my hand. I thought „Wow I didnt say anything wrong then!“ Slowly I started to walk on and the wolve stayed at my left hand side. It looked more and more that he decided to walk with me for the rest of our lifes. We walked in complete silence. After 10 minutes we both knew we were made for eachother and this would be our eternal walk into the sunset. It was like in that Video Clip „Miracle“ of Julian Perretta.

After an hour of absolute mystical and silent walking, reality came back into our lifes. A car turned up behind us and stoped. A young man steped out and told my wolve to immediatly jump into that car. I begged him to stay and to run off with me. But unfortunately the call of his masters voice was much more powerful then mine. He jumped into that car and I watched him disappear with his master. I knew we would never see each other again. He could have had everything from me and I had millions of words in my mind that I would have liked to say. But he didn’t want to listen anymore. He has made his decision. And if a decision is made, there is nothing at all you can do about it.

It was a perfect match. He liked to walk, he was beautiful, he had perfect mannors and above all he didn’t smoke. What more could I ask for! He was one of my kind.

The love of my life has gone.

Now my heart is broken and I know I’ll never find somebody like him again. But as an author, whos name I forgot, once said „If you fall in love so deeply, and this love can not stay with you, don’t be sad, at least you have a wonderful lovestory to tell!“

How true! I hope time will heal my wounds. And who knows. One day he might show up again. I’ll carefuly watch out for him. I wait for that miracle.

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