9. February 2017 Le Nouvion en Thierache- Le Cateau Cambresis

It was never as easy as today to leave a place. When I woke up I stank like I had slept in an ashtray. Beside that I discovered big holes in both of my socks and when I checked my boots as well, I realised that the inner part is almost completly gone and the leftover outershell will disappear in a couple of days as well. No way to arrive in Calais with these boots still on my feet.

I left before the crack of the dawn. My thoughts were with my walking beauty but the very busy A road asked for my full attention. On roads like these I have constant eye contact with the drivers.This is very important if you want to survive. You see it early enough if somebody has his attention on a mobilephone or somewhere else but on the street. Then it is still time to walk a bit more to the left. On this road to Le Cateau Cambresis I have seen quite a few memorial places for victims of car accidents.

When I pass them, I always think of the parents I have met last year on the road to Paris at the memorial for their son. The father stood beside that little place and watched in silence the mother who was there on her knees, planting new flowers in the shape of a heart. While she was doing that, her tears fell into the flowers. This scene spoke for itself. No word was necessary. In that moment I felt the suffer and the pain of the parents.

Every village has its war memorial. They all look quite similar, a stone with a soldier carrying a weapon on it. The names of the long gone soldiers are all carved into the stones. The ones from the first and those from the second world war. Every village here has lost almost the whole male population in every war. I like memorials. The ones for the soldiers and the privat ones. They are good reminders of the fact that life should not be wasted.

In Le Cateau Cambresis I bought new socks and shoes. Not walking boots but running shoes. They are much more comfortable and because I already have new boots in Calais waiting for me, it is more usefull to have a second pair of lighter ones. I had to say good bye to my dear boots. Always a sad moment that is. They carry you a very long way and when they die, it seems not fair to just throw them away. But what can I do, I am a very professional boot killer.

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