10. February 2017 Le Cateau Cambresis- Cambrai

Today I walked as the crow flies. In theory. No normal crow would fly 16 miles directly from A to B. But that is how that road was built. If there wouldn’t have been some slight up and downs I could have seen the target right away from the start. But what I could see very clearly was that this was an incredible busy road. There was almost no space between the cars. Means, they have no chance to see me in a reasonable time, when all they can see in front of them is the trunk of an other car. Walking in the fields beside is possible but not with the carrix. With that behind I would have to stay on the tarmac.

I must confess that I am not the most careful person. I don’t know if careful is the right word. To explain it in pictures:

If there is an angel on my left, and a devil on my right shoulder, it sometimes happens that the angel is getting a very pale face when he fails by trying to speek to my conscience and he realises what we just are going to go through. Then he decides to take a little vacation to do other urgent things.

The devil starts smiling and screams very loud to the angel: „Yes my winged friend, go as far as you can and take your time. We are going to do some action here before we die of boredom!“ And then we start to do the action together, but after a while even the devils nice red face starts to turn pale as well, in a devils case it is rather pink, and he makes himself very tiny and he starts to scream with an anxious, squeaky, high voice: „What the hell are we doing here woman ?!?!“

But today when I saw this road, I didn’t have to look in the anxious faces left and right of me. There was simply no chance of surviving on the tarmac that day. So I organised a transport for the carrix.

A very wise decision that was. I walked most of the time 2 yards beside the road in the fields and in the rubbish as well. Gives more time to study the rubbish and other things when I don’t have to keep eyecontact for several hours.

Onions are very interesting vegetables. They don’t like to be alone but just like me they prefere busy A roads. Ocasionaly I can see that. And it is never near an onionfield. They don’t catch your eye like empty cans ore stuff like that. It took me several weeks to realise how incredible social they are. Until today I only saw them as very common rubbish that somebody has thrown away. So I never took a picture of them.

You will never see a single onion beside the road. Either they come in flocks or swarms or whatever the word is when they are many, or, and that I have seen 3 times so far, they show up with a potato. But they always lay several feet away from eachother and this fact makes it simply impossible to catch them on one photograph. When I take pictures I never arrange things to make them look more perfect. I always take the scene as it is. So unfortunately I have no proofe of this social life. And it kept my mind very busy with thinking about why it is potatos and not carots or tomatos. Because in a fridge they seem to match quite well.

Maybe it is a bit like human beings and dogs. A visitor from another planet might notice as well that we always pull dogs on leads behind us and never guinea pigs or chicken even though we seem to like them.

Compact discs you see very often but for the first time I have seen a thrown away cassette. You know, those things we used to have in the seventies and the eighties before compact discs even existed. Music was stored on a endless plasitkstripe inside that cassette. We put them into our walkmans. They were portable cassette recorders. Sometimes it happened that the walkman made an incredible mess with the stripe and then you had to throw away the cassette. That was always a personal black monday because it took ages to put all the favorit songs on such a cassette.

I have passed a very interesting house. Its first bricks in the groundfloor were painted blue. Why? What affect does it have to that house? If my feet were painted blue, I think I would dream every night that I am wading in the ocean. Must be a very happy house.

I was very fast today with my new running shoes. They are incredibly soft and comfortable. When I passed a speed controle machine, for a short moment I thought about to run towards it and to put on a friendly smile on my face and wave at the machine. Unfortunately I still am far away from a running speed above 30 miles an hour. I’ll work on that.

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