14. February 2017 Bethune- Aire sur la Lys

Some days seem only to want to please your eyes. Nothing else. Once again it was a sunny day that made every thing look gorgeous. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all sort of things. Just because they had nice colors. Most of them were red- yellow- blue.

And for the first time I had my tea in a pub where 3 women sat on a table. The owner was female as well. It was a No Mens Land. But the whole pub was decorated with sports trophies. For once it was the other way around. It made me smile. Though after a short chat all the ladies agreed that I immediatly should stop travelling solo because France is not a save country for a woman on the streets on her own. I didn’t tell them that the only problems I had were in pubs but that I always felt quite safe on the streets.

In Aire sur la Lys I spotted a Mr. Bricolage Store. One of these places I never ever should enter. Too tempting. But I needed some fixing tape. I started to look for it in the toolsection first just in case they have moved it to there.

There they had a beautiful yellow water balance that was 6 feet long. Also yellow was a two wheeled wood transporter. Very useful just in case you collect some tree trunks for a nice campfire. And with the waterbalance it is possible to store this wood in a perfect balance. Both things were absolute must haves. 

In very rare ocasions I can resist. Today was one of them. In the end I left the shop with a fixing tape as I planned it but with a huge sigh. I knew the day will come when I will miss those two things badly.

I am a person that has more questions then answers. I keep asking myself all sorts of things. Mostly they stay not being answered. I also asked myself why a particular water hydrant stood behind a fence that had tiger stripes. He seemed to have heard my question. He gave me the answer right away: 

Mind your own Busnes!

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