15. February 2017 Aire sur la Lys- Saint Omer

What a fantastic day. It started with a beautiful sunrise in the industrial part of Aire sur la Lys, down at the canal. I was as happy as I could be. It was simply perfect. The sun came up directly in the middle of the water, behind a brige, beside a factory, with a dramatical cloud above. Very beautiful indeed.

I get closer to Calais now. I have not seen any farmland today, only houses and factories. I slipped from one suburb into another. I have never seen a killed car befor. But there was no doubt that everthing on this car was dead. Somebody has put all hes frustration into the burning down of an innocent car. Faszinating. That was also a thing I only know from tv.

Then I overtook a young woman who was carrying two heavy shopping bags filled with food. She stood there to make a short break. She seemed to go towards my direction so I offered her to put one of her bags on my carrix. We started a nice conversation while walking.

When we reached her house she invited me spontaniously to have lunch with her. I was so tuched by such a kind offer. I went with her up to her tiny but very cosy and beautiful appartement,  where we had delicious spaghetti bolognese and a nice long chat. I  sat there for a long time.

I am quite used to guard dogs and guard sheeps. But today I met a new species. Guard children. I passed a house when the balcony door opened and a 4 year old boy stuck his head out and barked at me. That was so funny. Just in case I ever need a protection for a house, I will buy myself a guard child. I suppose they get trained in places called kinder guarden.


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