17. February 2017 Ardres- Calais

Foreign languages, in my case it is english and french,  are sometimes a tricky thing. This morning I had a nice weather chat with an elderly man at his gardenfence. It was quite windy. He said: „The weather is not so nice today“. And I answerd: “ I don’t mind wind at all, it is very refreshing. Makes the head clear.“ At least in my ears it sounded like I have said that. He looked at me a bit suspecious. And he asked: „Really? Do you?“ „Oh yes“ I said. But then I realised that I have confused wind with wine. Oh dear.

I also learned a lot about white bread. Until today I just ate it and that was it. But it seems that bread can be treated bad and then it will run away. Or why else did I see douzends of slices of white bread escaping from the city towards the countryside? 

It was a short 4 hours walk to Calais. From my hotelroom I can see the English Channel. For a swiss person is seeing the sea just about like for british people to see the Alps. Very special. It is a mighty good feeling to already have come this far. 

Today I counted. Exactly 501 miles I have made in the last 5 weeks with only taking one day off. And the best thing is, nothing hurts. Even my feet still look all right. No blisters at all.

Now that I have walked 500 miles I am sure I will walk 500 more. 🙂

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