18. February 2017 Calais

It is always a big surprise for me that british and french cars stop when a pedestrian wants to cross the street. They always do that with no exeption. Even if they are not sure that the pedestrian realy wants to cross. And even in big Cities like Calais they do it.
Never ever expect that in Zurich. You’ll get run over. The reason why most tourists visit Switzerland only once in a lifetime is not because they are ruined after a fortnight, it is because they don’t survive it. French drivers are wild drivers but at the same time very careful. English drivers are not quite so wild but extremly careful as well. Swiss drivers are slow and dangerous.

That is our mentality. We are slow. We talk slow. We think slow. It takes us time to find the right words. It takes us ages to move things and once they are in motion you can not stop them anymore. Like a swiss watch. 

So once we get our car started we keep it running and when a french, english or any other tourist gets in our way, we start thinking about letting them pass but by the time we make our decision we already run them over. On swiss streets you better run for your life. That is why a Zuricher always wears running shoes. We are survival specialists. 

On the other hand you can walk on Zurichs Sidewalks without permanently watching on the ground. Here in France nobody picks up his dogs output. In Switzerland most of the people do so, exept some outlaws. And in Switzerland you’ll never find cars that are parked on sidewalks. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. If you park there, the police will tow iyour car immediatly to a police station. Then you have to pay a fee that is much higher then the worth of your car ever was. Here in France sidewalks are always full of parked cars. 

I took today off to do my laundry in the morning. In the afternoon I went to that huge beach beside the port and made a short 3 hours walk. 

I am a bit sad to leave this beautiful country and its wonderful people. The French are great, spontanious people, though in the pubs men are a bit too spontanious sometimes,  and I love the french hospitality. A very special thing about the french language is that they try to conserve it without using english words. So the whole world sais computer while the French call it ordinateur. But, now it is getting interesting, they don’t have a french word for the real great things in life, like sandwich or weekend. Why?

And another thing I have noticed. First I have to say that I don’t want to laugh about people who have the Tourett Syndrom. It is not funny at all when you suffer under this illness. Tourett people always shout words or at least say words with a sharp voice. They are using all sorts of synonims for body outputs or other not so nice words. This works perfectly in the english and the german languages. They both know such powerfull words. But French is such a soft and lovely language. It is impossible to only use french words. So french Tourett people have to be flexible. They mix french and english. But even then it sounds very charming. A few days ago I heard a Tourett person shouting all the body output words. But one particular one meaning a liquid output sounded like „PEACE, PEACE, PEACE!“ I couldn’t help myself, I had to smile.

I even think my french is a bit better now. Though today I said to an elderly lady who thought I was a local and asked me if I could help her to understand a bus time scedule (horaire):“I am terribly sorry Madame, I don’t understand this horror (horeur) myself.“ 

But I also look very much foreward to reach England. Last year it was very special to have walked to Paris from home. This year it will be London. And I sure look foreward to the pubs and to the countless pots of tea that are waiting for me.

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