19. February 2017 Calais- Dover- Canterbury

Unfortunately it is not possible to walk the 21 miles across the English Channel through the tunnel. So I had to take the ferry. When I arrived in Dover at noon I desided to walk on to Canterbury on an old pilgrims way. In Woolage Green I visited the the Two Sawyers pub to have a tea. It was a wonderful location. Just the way a pub should be. Warm and cosy with s nice little fire place and a big choice of beer. I don’t like beer but I do like the look of the beer tabs. The lady that brought me my tea had a nice smile on her face that makes you feel home right away. And it was great tea in a nice pot. Jackpot! 

When I walked on I didn’t even comment loudly the 4 ballons that came back from the moon which I normaly always do. One was from a birthday girl, one from a happy wedding, one from a car company and one with a pretty pink Minniemouse in it that probably came directly from Disneyland.

I slept in a pub which had live music. Once I have turned out the light I couldn’t see the red poppy wallpaper anymore. The 5 absolute identical pink poppy pictures disappeard and the bathroom door with the hole,  made by a fist, was covered in dark as well. Only the metal feders in the matraz  didn’t disappear and stuck all over in my body. But everything didn’t bother me at all. I enjoyed being here and the singing lady in the pub had a very nice voice.

English ladies are very romantic. This is the story of Lauren and Josh. At 1:30 am, I heard a young woman outside my window who tried to get her boyfriend Josh out of the pub. Her mother was standing beside her and she tried to help her daughter Lauren by shouting as well. At first I thought that both had the Tourett Syndrom as well because they kept on repeating a synonim for making love. In fact every third word was MAKING LOVE. It almost made me want to open that winow and shout PEACE, PEACE, PEACE! But it seemed to be their everyday language. If every third word you say is the same word, you can say an awful lot with a small basic of english. I should consider that for my future talking. Lauren probably wanted desperatly to make love to Josh. Right now. But Josh didn’t even think of coming out of here and make love to her because he obviously amused himself with Laurens best friend.

Lauren started to throw glasses and bottles against the walls of the pub. A few yards beside my window. She shouted: Josh, MAKING LOVE, will you, MAKING LOVE, get the, MAKING LOVE, out of this, MAKING LOVE, pub! She disappeard in the pub again and came one minute later back to her mother, still without Josh. 

She explained now to her mother what she was thinking about Joshs new entertainment, her former best friend whos name was a synonim for vagina by the way. Her mother suggested to do some details to Vagina that she must have seen at a butchers. About half an hour later,  the pub owner managed to get the two ladies into a taxi. Without Josh. Lauren shouted one last MAKING LOVE VAGINA towards the pub and then the taxi disappeared and I was falling asleep.

Yes I am definitely back to England with its wonderful people full of passion. I feel home. I fucking love it!

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