20. February 2017 Canterbury- Sittingbourne

Canterbury is a very touristic place. I always start to feel a bit unconfortable when it starts to get too busy and too loud around me by people. 

As the first thing in the morning I wanted to visit the Cathedral of Canterbury. When I saw the ridiculous high entry price I turned around and left the town. I understand that they take a few pounds from the visitors to maintain the building. But there is a limit. My limit is far below 12 pounds.

There is nothing much to say about the todays walk. It was all on quiet side roads and hidden forest paths. Not even the rubbish was special. Only one birthday boy balloon. Well, maybe a single flip flop was remarkabel. It gave me an answer to my countless questions. What is it called when there is only one flip flop left? A flop!

An other thing was special as well. I had my first Mueesli since I left Zurich. No I don’t spell it wrong. Maybe the world is not aware of this but every now and then there is like a wave going around the globe. And this wave brings a trendy swiss food to everybody. It was so with the melted cheese in a pot, called fondue and we were also famous for our chocolat. Both trends are over. But, the whole world eats MUEESLI but keeps calling it MUESLI. The thing is, it was created by a doctor who lived 100 years ago 2 miles away from my home in Zurich.This is not a very interesting fact but the important thing is, that he was Swiss and not German. 

Means we pronounce and write Mueesli slightly different. We put either two dots on the letter U or we write UE if we can not use dots. Both possibilities are pronounced exactly the same way. So a MUEESLI means what it sais, a little mixture of something. Without the dots or the extra E, and this makes an incredible difference, a MUESLI is a little mouse.

It always amuses me when I see in the UK that people pretend to eat little mice. Even our neighbours the Germans get it wrong. I’m still hoping, one day the world gets the Mueesli right. I keep working on that. 

Beside that I am the only Swiss that noticed that. When I mention it to a Swiss. They look at me with big question marks in the eyes and after an endless minute they realise what I am talking about and they smile as well.

But that is very swiss as well. We only recognice a joke when it has a green and red coat around the shoulders and a cap in the same colors  with bells on it. So if you tell us a joke you better declare it as a joke before you tell it. Otherwise it might be wasted. 

And the chance that we ask you to explain it is very high as well. Even then we might still not understand. But, it can as well be, that the next day suddenly we burst out laughing because we finaly got it. And mostly we even have  flashbacks days and weeks after. It is not that we don’t have humour. It is only rather slow, as everything.

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