21. February 2017 Sittingbourne- Rochester

Custard! I love custard! I would kill for a berrie or applecrumble with custard! If I ever get into the situation that I am arrested under all sorts of terrible punishment, I could easily keep my lips sealed under every torture. Exept they would put an applecrumble with custard in front of me which I can only eat after telling whatever they want to hear. I am a very good secretkeeper. But under the custard torture I would surrender.

Today I had my first berriecrumble with custard this year. And that is pretty much the only thing worth to mention about today. The walk was a short 4 hour rush through quiet countryroads with the usual rubbish. 

And of course the beautiful cathedral in Rochester and a very friendly horse is something to mention as well. The cathedrale was  a small and quiet one with very few visitors. And the horse was a lady with a charming mustache. In my eyes both were abslute beauties. 

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