22. February 2017 Rochester- Greenwich Royal Observatory

Whenever possible I look the weather forcast on BBC 1 in the morning. I do that for 3 reasons. The first reason is quite obvious, I want to know how the weather is going to be today. 

The second reason is Carol. She is the person that presents the weather and she is absolutly gorgeous. When she appears on the screen she puts you automaticaly in a good mood. It does not matter what kind of weather she is talking about. She can even warn about heavy storms, like storm Doris that is expected for tomorrow. But she does that with an incredible smile and charm, she always gives me the feeling that today is going to be the best day ever. And it sounds very nice when she is talking about patchy rain. By the way, I have no idea what patchy is but it sounds like a very nice rain. I must confess, Carol is my personal sunshine. I love her.

The third reason is that I can see on the weathermap how far I have walked already. And that always amazes me.

I was looking forward to the expected patchy rain today but there was no rain at all. There was even a very nice smiling sun on the A2 towards the City. So I tried to get as far as much to near London. After a marathon of 27 miles I simply couldn’t walk any further. I hobbled into Greenwich but it was very special to stand on the zero meridian at the Greenwich Observatory and to see the skyline of London with the Cucumber House.I was happy.

Shopping carts are a interesting species. Sometimes they appear in very unexpected places like tunnels, gardens, campfires or even graveyards. They are quite similar to me. Most of the time the do a perfect job together with all the other fellow shopping carts, but at one point they just run off and choose to be free. I like these travelling shopping carts. We are soulmates.

The UK is the land of spine traumas. At least for me it is. For two reasons. When I want to cross a street I never know where to look first for the cars. So to begin I always keep looking to the left, which is always wrong, then to the right, which is most of the times right, but if there is no car coming it confuses me, so I keep looking to the left once more, then to the right again and then just to make sure there is no swiss tourist driving on the wrong side of the road I check to the left once more. Then I want to start to walk but unexpectedly there comes a car from the right. This can cause awful spine traumas.

I do have the same problem when I am standing on a Munro in a full moon night before the sun rises. The beautiful moon is always disapearing at the same time behind my back as the breath taking sunrise is happening in front of me. I have to to turn my head backwards and forewards every second to not miss anything. In such moments I wish I was an owl.

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