23. February 2017 Greenwich Royal Observatory- Tower Bridge- Big Ben

Today was Doris Day. When I left at the observatory it just started to get a bit windy. By the time I reached the Tower Bridge, storm Doris had big fun with blowing treebranches around and a rubbish bin crossed a street at the same time with me, without looking right or left. To arrive at Big Ben took me quite a long time because I constantly had to lean against the wind that came from the front. My carrix didn’t make things easier either. But I made it.

Arriving at Big Ben is a big step for me. It had to be Big Ben and not just London. I like the idea of walking from Big Ben to the biggest Ben. Ben Nevis. When I stood in front of Big Ben I had a very big smile on my face. I think I looked a bit like that primate that has accidentaly made a selfie of himself after stealing a camera from a tourist 3 years ago. It became to be the most famous selfie ever. 

By the way, this reminds me of an other big question I have. Or maybe it is less a question but more a feeling of being very jealous. British peoples ancestors were bears, forebears. Our ancestors were only primates. 

Sometimes it is not easy to be Swiss. At least it gives me a few good excuses for many things.

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