24. February 2017 Big Ben- Tibits- Saint Albans

Refurbishing is a new exiting word that I havn’t known so far. I don’t know why. But it is like with every other new word, as soon as you discover them, you read them every five minutes or so. It seems whole London is refurbishing itself. Lots of stores, offices and restaurants have announced that they are closed because of refurbishing. 

It seems to me even the good old dobbledecker buses and the taxis have refurbished. The buses became much rounder and the taxis look different as well. 

First I walked to Tibits near Picadilly Circus in the morning. It belongs to a chain of restaurants. It is my favorit vegetarian restaurant in Zurich. I love their food. Every time I start to do a long distance walk, I walk from home to Tibits to have my last meal there. Then I go to the middle of Quaibruecke and have a last look towards the Lake of Zurich and to the other side, the Altstadt with the beautiful skyline. After that I am ready for a long walk. 

I entered the restaurant with a big smile on my face. A staff member asked me if I do now their self service system. I said if it was the same as in Zurich then I am used to it. Yes, he said. Everything is exactly the same. So I filled my plate and I went to one of the cashiers. The person looked at me very confused and asked if everything is allright or if I needed help. I said that I only wanted to pay. He said that I have to queu before I can pay. 

So that is definitley not the same as in Zurich. I love queuing by the way. It is a good and fair system. We just don’t have that in Zurich. Nowhere. 

A Swiss always tryes to get the best place and you are very lucky when you don’t get knocked down when all the Swiss try to enter a bus at the same time no matter if there is somebody who wants to leave the bus. And once a Swiss has taken a seat, he always puts hes bag on the free seat beside him no matter how crowded the vehicle is. He only removes it when he gets asked to do so. 

Leaving a tram or a bus can be very tricky sometimes. You better get ready before the bus stops, otherwise you can easily become a stampede victim by the enterers. 

I am big fan of queuing and I think if swiss children would get teached in kindergarden how to queue, Switzerland would be a much more relaxed place. It would only take an hour of learning for the children. But in swiss schools we don’t have the time ro teach social behavior. We teach them to count money and weigh gold instead. 

So please forgive us when we are anti social. We don’t mean it. It is just because we don’t know it better. 

After queuing in Tibits and having phantastic food I walked along the A1 out of London and I reached  Saint Albans after 8 hours. 

Now I will take some days off to visit friends. Very nice people with excellent social behaviour by the way. I will try to get some lessons from them while I am there.

I’ll be back in a few days.

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