2. March 2017 Saint Albans- Dunstable

I spent some wonderful days with my friends and their dogs. And I have eaten so many berrie crumble and apple pie with custard and other lovely food, I thought I’d never be able to walk again. 

I also have learned a new word. Elegant sufficiency. Means you don’t eat until you are filled up. But to practice this word when you have crumble with custard in front of you simply is not possible. So I must confess I was constantly filled up. Suffering in elegance, that simply is not me.

In the house of my friends I also have seen the nicest model engeneering workshop with the most impressiv tool collection ever containing an original machine that was used to model the first artificiant kidney that was built in the UK many many years ago. I stood in the workshop and could not stop smiling. It was quite obvious that there were several very interesting projects in progress.

Such places you normaly don’t have the chance to see many times in your life. If you are invited to such a privat workshop you feel very lucky and very privileged.

I felt very comfortable the last few days. In fact so comfortable that I was already thinking about settling down and spending the rest of my life with walking from the kitchentable to the workshop and back. 

I had some problems to start my walking again this morning. I was extremly tired. The path was actualy very nice. It was a dismanteled  railway leading all the way to Luton Airport and Dunstable. The starting Aircrafts flew very close above my head. 

There is not realy much more to say about today.

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