3. March 2017 Dunstable- Milton Keynes

What a beautiful rainy day it was. And full of surprises as well. I started at 6 am and followed again a former railway track for a while. After a few hours of walking without seeing anybody, I changed to a lovely canal with lots of little houseboats on it. I love to walk on railwaytracks and along canals. Both are mostly flat and quite straight.

Because it was raining there was no one at the canal either. Actualy there were lots of people. I could see steam coming out of the boat chimneys. But in this weather people prefered to stay inside. So I walked a whole day without seeing anybody.

Sometimes I see things that are rather strange but if I keep on seeing it again and again over a long time, it seems like a pattern and I just accept that it is so. There are some unwritten rules. Like single jigsaw puzzle pieces on the roads or single shopping carts far away from shops. And then, all in a sudden, rules get broken. Like today. 

There were 3 puzzle pieces on the road and 3 shopping carts on a narrow footpath. I even saw 4 playing cards in the grass. Playing cards normaly like to be singles as well, once they deside to leave the game. And usualy it is the kings, queens and jacks who run off. Never an ace. They prefere to stay in the game. Sometimes they even seem to duplicate themselfs and pop out of sleaves but they never go further then this. 

Today there was a whole group of cards on the ground. King, queen, jack, 3,6,7,8. For some reason I always pick up the playing cards and put them in my pocket. I have a nice collection already.

I love it when I get surprised by rubbish. And now I definitely know that everything I ever thought to know about the habits of rubbish turnes out to be rubbish as well. 

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