4. March 2017 Milton Keynes- Northampton

I am quite used to all sorts of questions people sometimes ask. Today I heard two very interesting ones. A new one came from a little girl whoes parents run a phantastic little cafe and food shop in Hanslope. Her father talked to me a while and when hes 2 daughters and hes wife entered the cafe he said to them: „Immagine this woman walked all the way from Switzerland to here.“ The younger girl looked at me very suspicious and asked: „How?“ I gave her the most obvious answer: „On my feet!“ She seemed not to be convinced at all and she said: „Yes! But HOW did you do that?“

Iwasn’t able to answer that question. My way of thinking was far too simple. This question kept me busy for the rest of the day. Maybe she wondered how I walked over the English Channel. Or she doubted that a person like me can walk that far at all. I’m sure she asked me a very clever question and in her eyes I havn’t answered it at all. 

I think this happens to children all the time. They get too simple answers to very clever questions. Must be very frustrating for them.

A few hours later I heard another interesting question. Though not for the first time. A young man wanted to know what I have in my carrix. I told him that I am a long distance walker and that I have all the things in there that are too heavy to carry in the rucksack. He asked: „You realy walked a long distance? Where from?“ „Zurich“ was my answer. Then he asked: „Why?“

Normaly people are much more direct and say something like: „Are you completely mad?“ Then I always agree. It certainly needs some madness to do these kind of things. But when somebody asks me WHY I am doing this, I have no real good answer either.

How and why are the best questions ever.

On my way I passed a very well looked after memory place of a 22 years old man who died on this road. The family and friends left some very heart touching letters at the memorial. 

Obviously this particular road is very popular for raceings. I could see many carparts beside the road and even up in the trees. Lots of beer cans and music compact discs as well. These items are always connected with memorial places. As soon as I see the first cd on a road I know there are memorials to come further on. 

After 8 hours of walking I arrived at my hotel in Northampton. There I realised that lots of people were heading into the same direction towards a stadium that was only 300 yards away from my hotel. I was too early to check in, so I droped my carrix and followed the crowd on their way to a football game. 

I don’t like to watch football on tv. Too static for me. But live is a totally different thing. I love to watch a live foot ball match. 

The most exciting moments were not the goals, it was a goal that was missed. A security man who watched that things didn’t get out of control, stood with his back to the field when a player missed the goal and shot the security man down with the football. This poor man didn’t see it coming in the back. He fell forewards and made a very unexpected roll into the audience that every stuntman would have made very jealous. 

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