5. March 2017 Northampton- Rugby

It was a very quiet day. I started at 6 am like always and because it was sunday, there was not a lot of traffic on my way.

I saw a beautiful sunrise. A visible one. Not all the sunrises are visible but this does not mean they are not there. The sun not always rises behind the horizon. Sometimes she appears much later in the day behind the clouds. This I call a sunrise as well. So I see quite a lot of sunrises. There are not many days with no rising sun at all.

Spring has now definitly broken out. All the birds are busy with building nests and they are quite chatty as well. Maybe they talk about the most fashion baby names for their offspring. 

Padlocks are very interesting. I see quite a lot though most of them don’t realy make sence at all. And sometimes they seem to ask: „What am I doing here?“ I am not the only one with lots of questions.

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