6. March 2017 Rugby- Coventry

What a beautiful sunrise it was today. 

Instead of following the cycle path I accidentaly caught a footpath. When I realised it, it was too late to turn around. First it lead me through an abandoned area between overgrown railwaytracks where all sorts of dead cars, traktors and machines stood around. Lots of dark muddy tunnels I had to pass. It looked quite sureal. Absolutly beautiful. 

Then I suddenly found myself on a sheep field and later on on a horse field in deepest mud. The horses seemed to be surprised to see a pedestrian, just about the same as I was surprised to be there. Not even a normal walker would necessarely have chosen that way.

I sank deep into the soaky mud. Every step was extremly strenious and my boots were not visible anymore. No way to pull my carrix. I had to carry it. It was a bit like walking through a desert with a camel on my shoulders. At first there were still some gates, but they were so narrow that even a zero sized Victoria Beckham would have had problems to squeeze herself through.

After a while the gates disappeared and I had to lift my stuff over countless stiles and I always had the feeling that the horses were highly amused by watching this. Beside that the stiles disappeared at a certain point as well and my GPS was the only one who was convinced there was a path. I was desperatly looking for someone who could point me the right way. But of course there was no one. In the end I made a huge detour to find the cycle path again. 

But I am not complaining at all. If I wouldn’t have been out in the horse and sheep fields, the sunrise certainly would have looked different. 

Arriving in Coventry was very special. I didn’t expect it to be so different to other cities. It is hard to discribe. Somehow the whole city looks so tidy, even the people. And the the only purpose to be there seems to be if you go to the university or a bank or if you want to shop. I can’t remember to have seen so many well dressed people and so many banks and shops somewhere. And all the streets and the pedestrian area were extremly clean. Not a single dog poo. 

I even saw a blind person that was picking up her dogs output. This is probably quite normal for blind people to do but in that moment I realised that I never have seen it before. And it amazed me how she found the hot spot almost right away.

My hotel was a surprise as well. I don’t know what the walls were made of but it was the thinest walls ever and the young couple in the room next to mine had to sort out a lot of things. I should say, SHE mainly had to sort things out. Every time she fired houndreds of accusations against him the only thing he could say was: „Yes but…“ and then the next words were fired only to be interrupted by hes occasionaly : „No but…“.

It was incredible how many words came out of that woman. And how fast. And how loud. Every machine gun would have been jealous. It was definitly one of those argues that end up either in a seperation or with the question of the questions. I hope the best for them.

The only thing that is sure at the moment is, that the sun will rise again tomorrow. For everybody.

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