7. March 2017 Coventry- Birmingham

If there is heaven and hell, I have no doubts where I will have to go to. But I blame it all on the last night. 

My young neighbour couple in the hotel took several hours for final desicions. I didn’t want to knock at the wall because I know such things take time and they should be sorted out when they appear. So I watched tv instead of sleeping. I was not the only one. The walls were realy incredibly thin. At 11 pm I desided to wash my waterproof cloths and my boots. Everything was dirty because of my mud detour. 

After midnight the woman finaly run out of words. From then on she used the last weapon that normaly always wins. She cryed for 2 hours and she was sorry for everything. All she wanted by that time was that he forgave her. Every normal man would have surrended. But her boyfriend was the sort of bullet proof one. At 2 am there was the final show down. Both packed their stuff and checked out. A big sigh was going through all the other rooms and everybody around turned off the tv and fell asleep. It was very peaceful from then on but for me it was too late for sleeping.

So I desided to check out a bit later as well. The man at the reception was very busy with all the unusual exodus in the small hours. But instead of laying in my bed and waiting for five o clock I thought I might as well start walking. 

Evolution does always try to develop things to the better. But it failed completly in my case. Yesterday I walked through deepest mud because I took the wrong path. This morning I checked carefully where the cycle path runs through. I only planned a little shortcut of about 2 miles that saved me another 2 useless miles of walking. What can I say, I ended up in deepest mud. Again. And it cost me an extra hour of getting out of it. Again. There were countless stiles. Again. The only difference to yesterday was, there were no sheep and no horses and it was pitch dark. I have the feeling that my carrix is getting used to be carried around all the time. 

Half an hour later the dawning started and it was followed by a beautiful sunrise that normaly makes my orange jacket look like a shining sun as well. Only, I was not realy orange anymore. All the cleaning I have done in the night was a waste of time. I was covered in camouflage. Some people realy are proofe to every developing. Sorry evolution. Its not you, it’s me.

Today I commited the worst crime a Swiss can possibly do. I didn’t pay my bill. In Hampton in Arden, the heart of England, which is the place that is the most possible far away from every sea, I entered the White Lion Inn to have my cup of tea. It is run by extremly nice people. They served me a huge pot of tea and we had a long chat. It was the start of a everlasting friendship. 

I felt so comfortable, that when I left after an hour, I completly forgot to pay. I realised that later on but then it was too late to turn around. This will bring me to hell. And the friendship was ruined befor it has realy started.

And beside that from now on  carefully have to watch out for police cars showing up. I am sure the White Lion people rang up the FBI, MI5, CIA, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and whoever is responsible for swiss criminals that don’t pay for teabags. I rushed towards Birmingham trying to be invisible and not doing any loud breathing.

I savely arrived in Greet, the suburbs of Birmingham where I was the only european looking woman on the streets. I was very easy to spot. And it was then when suddenly all hell broke lose. Countless police men and police cars were standing on Warwick Road and patroling up and down. 

I already raised my hands. I wished I had a teabag in my pockets that I could have thrown towards them just to show my good will to get things back in order again. But I didn’t have such a thing with me. Beside that they compleatly ignored me. They locked the whole right side of Warwick Road for about 200 yards with a plastikband. All the shops were locked with their metal blinds as well. No people were around. And on top of that every public bus was checked by policemen.

Either they were looking at the wrong places for me and they had a bad description of my person or there was someone else on the run that had stolen something with a higher value then a teabag, maybe 2 teabags, and this case had a higher priority.

Anyway, I was very lucky to not get caught so far. And I promise, as soon as I have the chance, I will send a teabag to the White Lion Inn. I hope they are not ruined and have to sell their place now.

The Birmingham Backpackers Hostel offers the best view ever that you can possibly have from your bed. I can see a railway bridge that is only about 20 yards away from my room. I realy love that.

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