8. March 2017 Birmingham- Cannock

What a horrible night that was. First I was afraid to fall asleep because I was expecting the spirit of the mighty White Lion to show up in my nightmares. But there was no need to worry about falling asleep at all. The Backpackers is a very lively place. To make things short, I had another night off and left the place with a horrible head ache. 
In the first shop I entered to buy a sandwich, I learned a new word at the cashier: Wanabagluv. After the man repeated it twice I understood. Do you want a bag love? Here everybody calls eachother luv or luvly. No matter if women or men. However, luvdidnwanabag

Sometimes signs realy amuse me. I had to smile when I saw one on a field near Birmingham that said that people should not drive on it and not play golf on it. Do people realy do that? 

In Downtown Zurich there is not a single bit of grass left where you could play golf or drive with your VW Golf on it. We built banks all over the place. If we had such a free grassy space there would be a sign saying: It is forbidden by law to dig holes into the grass to hide your gold tresures. Bring them to the bank they will hide it for you.

I am not quite telling the truth. In fact, we do have one such open grass space and it happens to be on Bahnhofstrasse, the worlds most expensive shoppingstreet. So this fact is creating a huge WHY. I simply don’t know.

But what I do know is that this place used to be the place in the medieval where we executed people. Probably those who diged holes in the grass.

Making people one head shorter never realy was a crime. Not bringing the money to the bank definitely was.

Actualy it still is the same nowadays. If you kill somebody and it is the first time that you do so and you are very sorry about it and you promise to never do it again, you get away with it. But if you hide your money, oh dear, you will be in big big trouble.

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