9. March 2017 Cannock- Stone

Cannock- Stone is the most short and precise describtion for this day. Today I tested how hard my knees  can nock stone. What can I say, the stone won.

Tis morning I woke up with the kind of head ache that normaly means I am going to get ill within 1 day. At 6:30 I had a rather late start. After a very short time I fell over my own feet because I haven’t tied my shoelaces properly. For the following 20 miles I hobbled with pain. I felt my knees getting more and more swolen and my handbalms didn’t feel good either.

In such moments I always refuse to have a closer look at the damage. Looking at it only makes pain worse. A nice side effect was, that my headache immediatly disappeard. Isn’t that wonderful?

I was walking slow motion today. In Stafford a busdriver stoped beside me and asked me if I wanted to hop on. He said he has driven that road up and down quite a few times in the last 4 hours and he was asking himself how I could possibly walk like this. Honestly I don’t know it either. But not looking at the damage sure helped.

In the pub where I had lunch I couldn’t ignore it anymore because I was not able to handle the cuttlerie. Luckily I only ordered Jacket Potatos. 

The closer I got to Stone, the more urgent I needed a toilet. The last 2 miles were awful. But as soon as I had my mind set to raising the volume of my bladder, I didn’t feel the knees and the hands anymore. Isn’t it magic how selectiv brains work? Most of women declare themselfs as multitasking. That is a big error. We are not. We are in fact quite simple. Or did anybody ever hear a woman complain about not finding a toilet and being hungry at the same time?

There is not much more to say about today. Exept that I almost gave up not smoking because I realy loved the following sign in the backyard of a pub.

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