10. March 2017 Stone- Congleton

Today was Duckday. First I followed the canal to Stoke on Trent. It was last year when I realised that ducks have a massiv overpopulation of males. At least three fourth of ducks are male. So the males who are lucky to find a partner have constantly to protect them from other males. When I walked by there was a dead female upside down flowing on the water surface. Her partner was swimming around her and it was very visible that he suffered. That was such a sad scene, I felt very much with him. By now I got used to see all sorts of dead animals but to see the ones that are left behind is a total different story.

The canals themself are a sad story as well. Near big  bridges the amount of rubbish in the water is extremly high. Everything gets thrown down there. Tables, tires, sofas, fridges, bottles, cans. These canals sometimes are dead ducks as well.

I got very much used to being called Luv instead of Love but now, only 2 days further north everything is different again. I was in a pub when a lady entered and answered a telefoncall. She said: „Hello Duck….yes Duck…. I am in a minute with you Duck…. bye Duck.“ I asked her if this is a lokal word for love. She said „Oh yes Duck and when you get only a little bit further up north Duck you will be called Pet Duck.“ Then she rushed out with a „Take care Duck.“ Now I am prepared to be a Pet soon.

After Stoke on Trent I reached Burslem, the mother town of pottery. From there I followed a cycle path into Congleton.

My knees felt much better today. The first 5 hours of walking I almost didn’t feel anything. The left one is still swolen and both knees have started the rainbow program. Means in the next 10 days they will change the color from red into blue and green and yellow. My hands are still difficult to handle. At least I can handle a fork again.

Today was the first day that I didn’t enjoy walking at all. I wasn’t me. It was like I have been hit by a sledgehammer. I was somehow flat and tired and I asked myself what I am doing here. I felt like a dead duck myself.

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