11. March 2017 Congleton- Wilmslow

Sometimes I think there is nothing that I could possibly write about the current day. As soon as I start to look at the pictures I have taken it is then when I realise how many impressions I have won. 

I had no idea that my route will pass by the Lovell Telescope near Goostrey outside Manchester. It is huge and I saw it from several miles but didn’t know what it is. I was very impressed. I didn’t visit the exhibition but I sat in the cafe beside it. This telescope is so strong it could pick up a mobilephone signal from mars.

The next impression was a masterpiece of british humor. The hedges in front of a privat house were cut in the shape of guard dogs. 5 huge dogs watched the street. That was realy funny.

Some rubbish was very faszinating as well. I’m neither talking about a pretty birthday boy balloon that the universe returned to sender, nor of the rubbish that is produced in Paradise even though I find it quite faszinating that Paradise produces such things at all. But there was some remains of a former car front window. I could have taken countless photographs of these absolute beautiful green broken glass pieces sticking in the rubberframe.

By the way, my knees are faszinating as well. They have a nice purpelish blue color. 

And I have a very nice sight from my bed today. I can see directly to a busy roundabout. I like it.

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