12. March 2017 Wilmslow- Manchester- Venus

I realy loved that room last night. The roundabout was busy until the small hours. I woke up quite often and watched the scenes. It was a full moon night and I was not the only one being awake. Lots of party people was walking by underneith my window. I enjoyed it.

The side effect that one night gazing out of the window has is that I have time to think about things. Because my traveling concept with a tent has failed and I always have to book doublerooms here in UK, I will run out of money within a very short time. And my now green knees could do with a rest.

When I left Zurich I thought my walk will last much longer. Sometimes things change. I don’t have to prove anything, because last year I walked from Zurich via Paris, St. Malo, Lands End to John O‘ Groats. It took me half a year for 2000 miles. This time it will be different. I already raised my daily distancies because I wanted to go as far as Ben Nevis but the walking part is not the major problem at all, the money is the fact I can not ignore. 

Unless a miracle happens. Like about 20 years ago. My bank sent me a message that 1 Million Swiss Francs have been payed to my account. I almost had a heart attac. I thought a rich relativ I have never known of has died. Yes, Swiss people never get heart attacks because of wrong lifestyle. We have mueesli. No, it is the money that kills us.

But of corse there was not such relativ and the whole thing was a mistake. The next day the million has already disappeared. But I was a rich woman for one day. I should have taken that money and run and hide it underneith the grassy bit at the former execution place on Bahnhofstrasse. 

I better not hope for miracles to happen.

If I continu to Ben Nevis I might get there but maybe I couldn’t afford to come down again. Well, I could open up the first tourist office on the summit.

Right now I am sitting in a cafe in the heart of Manchester with a chai latte. Outside a St Patrick Parade is going on. Far too busy for me. 

I will go to the airport now and ask if they have a flight tonight that goes to a nice place like Mars or Venus. By the time I will reach Mars it will probably be crowded already. Everybody seems to prefere Mars.  So Venus might be the better choice and definitely cheaper. I have never been on Venus befor as far as I remember. Very quiet there I reckon. I could open up the first tourist information center there instead on Ben Nevis. Maybe not on a summit but summits are not everything. A nice sunrise will do instead.

When ever I need something up there, I can order it from earth with my mobilephone, now that I know that the Lowell Teleskope would be able to pick up a sign from Mars, it should be possible from Venus as well. The goods I need from earth can easily be attached to the Birthday Boy and Girl ballons and be adressed to Venus. 

Yes, Venus would be my favorit planet. I might like long distance walks, yellow bulldozers, nice tool collections and stuff like that, but I am 100 percent woman. Oh yes! Though a bit an unusual one.

Now I have two last questions.

First: Why are there so much more Birthday Boy ballons than Birthday Girl balloons in the fields? Do girls not like to let things fly at all?

Second: In the UK every socket for plugs has a switch to turn on and off. Saves lots of energy. A clever thing. We don’t have that in Switzerland yet. Now: Why are all the sockets always switched off when not in use exept the socket switch for the teapot?

Well I am going back into my privat, not documented life now and I hope my writing was not too boring. 

See you on Venus

Oh, one more thing: 

Never forget to pay for your tea!

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