14. August 2017 Ainsdale- Southport

Last night I set up my tent in a quiet forrest near the beach. Normaly forrests are not quiet at all, there are always night active animals walking around and talking to each other.  But apart from a few pigeons and crows returning to theire sleep trees there was no other activities going on. 

One pigeons tree was the same one as I decided to sleep underneith. At 5 am just when I wanted to get up and pack it started to rain. I heard that the bird must have thought just about the same thing as I did. The pigeon complained. I could hear that. It was so obvious. I do sound exactly the same when I complain.

Ariving in Southport was a bit of a surprise. I did not expect a holiday resort with thousends of people. I talked to 2 mothers who were there with theire kids. I asked when the tide xomes in. As far as I understood the sea never comes near the shore. All the people just sit there und watch the sea going from far away to even further away. 

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