19. August 2017 Windermere- Patterdale

What a change again. From thousands of tourists yesterday to not a single person at all. It was a rainy day here in the Lake District. I have seen plenty of water the whole day. It felt a bit like walking in Switzerland. 

The Footpath over Orest Head with its phantastic view to the Lake Windermere and later on along Trout Beck was pure joy to walk. 

The best walk so far since I arived in Manchester. Short bevor ariving the Pass between Thorthwaite Crag and Stoney Cove Pike once more I fell over a slippery rock and hurt my leg. And as I always do in such a situation I ignored it. I just hobbled on.

When I reached the pass there again was a breath taking view to both sides. It reminded me so much of High Cup Nick on the Pennine Way. Absolutly phantastic. When I started to hobble down towards Patterdale I couldn’t ignore my leg anymore. I felt the blood running down. So I had a closer look at it. There was a hole and I could see the bone. So I put a plaster on the desaster and hobbled on to Patterdale. 

But still it was a perfect day. 

Now I know where white wool comes from…

I know where black wool comes from…

I know where brown wool comes from…

I even know where pink wool comes from…

But I still don’t know where orange wool comes from.

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