22. August 2017 Carlisle- Gretna

Today I finaly crossed the border to Scotland after a rather boring walk on a quiet side road. I was looking forward to Gretna. I thought it is a nice place. Many couples get married there. More than 100 years ago it was very popular for english couples younger than 21 years to get married in Scotland. In England you had to be 21 to get married without the agreement of your parents. In Scotland you could do that at a much younger age. So every body headed to the nearest Scottish village, Gretna. That was a long time ago. And in my eyes today there is nothing romantic or special about Gretna. I have seen much more romantic places. But weddings are a big business in this place.

When I walked around a corner I almost run down a bride. I smiled at her and said Good luck! Now I am not sur if this is  something that you can say to a bride. 

Oh yes there is something romantic about Gretna. This sign post. Brings back wonderful memories.

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