28. August 2017 Glasgow- Milngavie

I have reached the beginning of the West Highland Way. Again. The WHW is already like a good old friend of mine. Meanwhile I almost could walk it with my eyes closed. Since I have walked it the first time I have always started in Glasgow.

It is much more impressiv to walk out of this busy city along the River Kelvin underneith all those beautiful old bridges where the traffic runs far above the head. But you almost can’t hear it. It is very peaceful in this underground. 

When the weather is fine I usualy leave the River Kelvin and change to the Allander Water. But when it rains like today it is terribly muddy. So I stayed on the Maryhill Road. The most direkt way to Milngavie and the most important:

It leads to M&S fuel station which never ever closes. Today is the first time that I saw this place at daylight. Normaly I pass by at around 5 am. That is always the highlight of the day that I can have a cup of tea and fresh fruit. They have so good food. And also a nice and clean toilet and the people who work there are so incredibly friendly.

After that highlight comes the next one right away. This garden fence.

I must have taken hundreds of pictures of it and it still fascinates me. But every year there are less remains of it.

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