3. September 2017 Glencoe Mountain Resort- Kinlochleven

When I came back from the pub and went to sleep last night I noticed there was another tiny little black one man tent set up just beside mine. Somewhen around 4am when it was still dark, it got realy windy so I got up to pack my stuff. 

My neighbour was already gone. I thought oh another early bird. I put the packed rucksack on my back and walked away but I didn’t get far. After a few steps I fell over that tiny black tent that I just have not seen in the dark. The tent started to grumble and I whispered sorry! sorry! sorry! and left that place very quickly.

I passed Buachaille Etiv Mor, a Munro I have walked up last year and I felt a bit guilty for not doing it this time. 

The devils staircase in Altnafead was still very steep like it always was but something was different. There was a sign that said there is a shop on top of the hill.

I already thought they have built a whole shopping center on devils staircase. When I reached the place it was almost like a shopping center for me. Two wind shelters with cold drinks. Just perfect.

They even did not forget to mention that the next shop will be several miles away.

Wind was a bit rough today.

In Kinlochleven I passed an indoor climbing hall. Just for curiosity I had a closer look and now I just had my first lesson in indoor climbing. The difficult thing was not to climb up that wall, it was to let go when your on top and let yourself fall backwards into that rope and trust that the other person on the floor will hold that rope tight. It was a great experience but I’m not sure how clever it was to do that. Now I can’t feel my arms anymore. I maybe might not be ready for the Eiger Northface yet. 🙂

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