5. September 2017 Ben Nevis

At 1:30am I left my tent and my warm and cosy sleeping bag. The idea to have an early start is always very tempting the night before. Yesterday evening I was looking forward to that night walk but when it was half an hour past midnight it was a total different story. I suddenly did not see the point of walking in the dark.

Somehow I got up and headed for Ben Nevis. It was not dark at all. Almost full moon. Soon I realised that something has totaly changed since last year. The walking was much easier. They have put lots of flat rocks on the path. No problem now to walk during the night. Ben Nevis has always been very comfortable to walk but now it is super easy.

I remember to have put 1 pound into the donationbox at the bottom of the path last year but I never thought they would be able to do so much with that coin.

On the whole way up it was so windy, it almost blew me away. On the summit it rained. No visible sunrise but I was alone up there. Wonderful. At last I finished what I originaly had planned to do last spring. To walk from Switzerland to Ben Nevis. Now I do a very big and very long lasting rest. And who knows, next time I’ll be here there will be an escalater or a lift to the top of Ben Nevis because I have donated 4 pounds this time.

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