27. August 2017 Lesmahagow- Glasgow

I must have been incredibly tired when I set up my tent and went to sleep last night. When I woke up this morning I still wore my yesterdays outfit including rainjacket and raintrousers. Only the boots I have taken off. This might be a sign of needing a nice long break soon.But I had a good nights sleep and started walking while the sun rose. All the way through endless suburbs. 

When I arived in Glasgow downtown the city was completely silent. There was big bycicle event. The roads were closed for motorised vehicles. 

Reaching George Square. The heart of Glasgow. At least for me it is so. Here is where big things happen. 

26. August 2017 Abington Service Station- Lesmahagow

It still makes me smile when I see the remains of the Scotish Referendum about indipendency. The 14th September is deep in my memory. I spent that day in Glasgow on George Square. It was a day full of emotions and hope and YES flags all over the place. But the more it got towards 5 am the next day, all hope was gone. The city seemed to have a collective hang over.

My quite side road has immediately turned into a very interesting rubbish dumping place for several miles. Time always passes very quickly when I can study rubbish.

I also find it amazing how often plants manage to break through tarmac. How do they do that?

22. August 2017 Carlisle- Gretna

Today I finaly crossed the border to Scotland after a rather boring walk on a quiet side road. I was looking forward to Gretna. I thought it is a nice place. Many couples get married there. More than 100 years ago it was very popular for english couples younger than 21 years to get married in Scotland. In England you had to be 21 to get married without the agreement of your parents. In Scotland you could do that at a much younger age. So every body headed to the nearest Scottish village, Gretna. That was a long time ago. And in my eyes today there is nothing romantic or special about Gretna. I have seen much more romantic places. But weddings are a big business in this place.

When I walked around a corner I almost run down a bride. I smiled at her and said Good luck! Now I am not sur if this is  something that you can say to a bride. 

Oh yes there is something romantic about Gretna. This sign post. Brings back wonderful memories.

21. August 2017 Penrith- Carlisle

After a beautiful sunrise shortly after Penrith I met Alan with his 61 year old Fordson Major Diesel Tractor taking his beautiful oldie for a little sunday ride. We talked for about half an hour. I can’t help myself but I just love these old tractors and old cars generaly.

I never saw a kingfisher from so close. Unfortunatly it was dead because it flew into a car.

But these birds were very much alive.

And these ones seamed just to prepare to fly to the south.

20. August 2017 Patterdale- Penrith

There is a steep path leading up to the chapel in the house which is only a gew stones laying in the grass. Once I passed that place I walked over the little pass beside Place Fell and on towards Boardale. Again I was totally alone this morning. Only a little mouse layed dead beside an empty chrisp box on the path.

You should never eat a whole box of pringles in one go!!!!

In Sockbridge I discovered a style of stiles I have never seen before. A dog friendly one. A little gate could be lifted for 2 foot high so a dog was able to cross. Very clever. Every stile should have that.

19. August 2017 Windermere- Patterdale

What a change again. From thousands of tourists yesterday to not a single person at all. It was a rainy day here in the Lake District. I have seen plenty of water the whole day. It felt a bit like walking in Switzerland. 

The Footpath over Orest Head with its phantastic view to the Lake Windermere and later on along Trout Beck was pure joy to walk. 

The best walk so far since I arived in Manchester. Short bevor ariving the Pass between Thorthwaite Crag and Stoney Cove Pike once more I fell over a slippery rock and hurt my leg. And as I always do in such a situation I ignored it. I just hobbled on.

When I reached the pass there again was a breath taking view to both sides. It reminded me so much of High Cup Nick on the Pennine Way. Absolutly phantastic. When I started to hobble down towards Patterdale I couldn’t ignore my leg anymore. I felt the blood running down. So I had a closer look at it. There was a hole and I could see the bone. So I put a plaster on the desaster and hobbled on to Patterdale. 

But still it was a perfect day. 

Now I know where white wool comes from…

I know where black wool comes from…

I know where brown wool comes from…

I even know where pink wool comes from…

But I still don’t know where orange wool comes from.